About MomCom

MomCom is an innovative way for moms to share via anecdotes, photos, opinions, and information.  It allows moms to connect with like moms, join spirited discussions, organize feeds and save information in a recallable manner. The app is customizable on various levels and takes social media to a new level where moms are comfortable to discuss, share and save information that will otherwise be lost. The target audience is moms who want to communicate and gather information in a clear, organized and real way. MomCom is a supportive community where moms can connect, grow and empower each other.


MomCom is the idea of mom of two, Minsun Lee, who recognized a lack of forum where moms can communicate freely and openly while sharing useful information.  Minsun reached out to Lauren, a fellow sleep deprived mom of 3 to collaborate on the MomCom dream. Obviously, there are various social media platforms where a busy mom can form pages and interact but the reality is that you may not want your boss’ husband to read your question about the color of your pumped breastmilk on social media.  Moms use social media differently than other users. They use these platforms to gather information, ask questions, give advice and show off their cute children. With that in mind, MomCom aims to create a space where moms can customize the groups that they join (“communities”), tailor the information that flows into the feed, and save or share information via personalized mind maps. The elevated customized design of the MomCom platform will provide a safe space to ask and share information in an authentic way. The app is a screen side swipe format featuring communities that the user can build to encompass their friends or family or even strangers if they are interested in something like toddlerhood or graphic design, for example. In addition to the usual conversation pages, MomCom will provide valuable pre-created mindmap kits for common areas of concern such as breastfeeding or baby / toddler sleep.  Users will be able to easily save these mind maps to their device while adding to them wherever they see fit (pulling from questions and answers asked in throughout the social portion of the app). This allows the user to store information easily and in a truly customized way. Additionally, MomCom is in the business of fostering communication and information between moms so we will have a “Connect” page where we will feature a question, article, book, video clips or other interesting and thought provoking snippets for comment and sharing.  As an added revenue steam, this content can be sponsored by companies wishing to advertise to the MomCom users beyond banner ads or embedded marketing. MomCom is the answer for busy moms who want to stay connected in an efficient, informative way.



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