Hello and Welcome!

Hello! Happy New Year! Happy Early Martin Luther King Jr Day!

I never know how to start these posts so I’m just going to jump right in. Like Lauren posted, we’re working on a project that’s aimed at connecting moms and facilitating real conversations. We’re in the very early stages so there aren’t too many details to share but we’ll be writing them here as the project progresses so I hope you’ll follow along. We’ll also be writing about things we find interesting, things we find to be helpful, funny things, everyday things as well as tech-related things so there’s something for everyone – not just moms.

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about this project and she asked me a very interesting question. She knew I had been thinking about another project, one that was smaller, easier to implement and applied to a wider group of people. To her, it made more sense to start with that project first. She was right but here’s the thing: I feel like not many people are looking out for moms, especially when its tech-related. As someone in the tech field, I hear the statistics all the time: Women make up half of the U.S. workforce, but hold just 25% of the jobs in technical or computing fields. Women today represent 18% of all computer science graduates. If the tech world is dominated by men, who’s looking out for the best interest of moms? The best example of this is the breast pump – why hasn’t technology progressed? Its painful, loud and not as effective as it should be – there has to be a better way, no?

Well, I have an idea that I believe will help other moms. It’s a good one, something I’m convinced of every time I talk to other moms about it. Its a big undertaking, no doubt. And its happening at a time when life is already too hectic and most days I feel like I’m barely getting by.  But this is important. And if I don’t do it, I’m not sure that someone else will. Lauren and I don’t have all the skills to make it happen and we’re certainly new to this startup world but we’re willing to learn. And if we fail, at least we can say that we tried.  After all, its about the journey and not the destination, right?