About thePushUp

Welcome to the Push Up – we’re glad you’re here! The Push Up serves two purposes. First, much like a good bra, we want to create a support system for women and moms by sharing information and creating an open environment for discussion. In high school, we learned that the reason we study history is to prevent repeating the same mistakes. In the same vein, we want to share the lessons we’ve learned to help our fellow woman kind. Things that work, things that don’t, things that are interesting, things that we don’t understand, every day tech stuff, our inner thoughts – are all part of the blog. Also, babies, babies, babies. So if you have a question or a topic you want to discuss, let us know because a one-sided conversation is just a monologue and you feel a little crazy talking to the wall.

Second, we’re using this forum to document our adventures in creating a social media app for moms called MomCom. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Its a constant battle to take one step forward only to take two steps back. This graphic illustrates perfectly the differences between a corporate and startup life.

entrepreneurfail A Day in the LIfe of
Picture from EntrepreneurFail.com

The odds of our success are low, after all 90% of startups fail and our idea is a large undertaking. But we believe in MomCom and we believe its worth the fight for that 10% chance of success. We hope you’ll share in this journey with us and will support our push up.

Lauren & Minsun