It’s a term companies use right when they’re about to go under and are grasping for a chance to stay alive. They hope that by changing their process, market or focus they’ll find that missing link that was keeping them from success. Well, my friends, I’m at that crossroad. After clocking in at my day job, I come home to start my second shift – feeding the kids and getting them to bed. Usually, the kids are down by 9 at which point round three starts – trying to get MomCom going. With only 24 hours in the day, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend on MomCom. And those few precious hours are cut even shorter to maintain this blog. Thus, the impasse. As much as I’ve enjoyed writing these blog posts, I have to remember the bigger picture and that is MomCom. So I’m putting a hold on the blog indefinitely. I’ll write from time to time and will keep you in the loop on MomCom’s progress but it’ll be periodic, not consistent. Hopefully something awesome will happen soon so I’ll have some news to report back. So don’t forget about me completely and check back once in a while. And thanks so much for sticking with me this far – I promise I’ll be back.



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