Is 3 The New 2?

So, let’s jump right in…. I get asked this question A LOT.  “How is it REALLY to have three kids?” “Is it really that much harder than having two kids?”  I find these questions interesting and funny at this point in life (even though I’m sure I have asked these same questions before having my third baby).  But, since you asked, here are my answers (broken into parts because it’s never just that simple):

It’s hard (but everything in life worth doing is hard):

  • You will have to buy a bigger car
  • You will never be bored and you will always be laughing (or crying)
  • You will have to wait 30 minutes longer than 4 person families at any given restaurant on a Friday / Saturday night
  • You will always have someone to hug, squeeze, kiss or cuddle-one of them always needs you at any given time.
  •  It will be nearly impossible to find a hotel room that will accommodate your 5 person family (no, they don’t care that the youngest is a baby – don’t even bother asking) and truly impossible to find an affordable hotel room
  • Don’t even worry about the aforementioned hotel room because you won’t be able to fly your family of 5 anywhere – too expensive!
  • Don’t plan on going to sleep for at least two hours after putting three kids to bed because they will somehow take turns waking every 10 minutes and needing something different.
  • Say goodbye to kid free vacations because three young kids is a bit much for anyone to take on for the long weekend so you are bringing them with you.
  • All your friends will think you are a “super mom” even though you are just barely hanging on but, hey, take the compliment and be happy that you kept them all three alive all day!
  • Your wardrobe might as well consist of black and white stripes because  you will referee ALL day long. Surprisingly, it is hardly ever 2 on 1 but rather they are all for themselves and will fight over anything.
  • You will end up buying diapers for 8 years straight, seriously…

In all seriousness, three, four, five… whatever makes you happy is what works for your family.  There is nothing that I or anyone else will tell you that will make it the right or wrong decision. To grow your family or not is obviously a family decision and I would say that three is the new two if you don’t require a lot of sleep.  I joke a lot about the craziness that is my life but having three kids is amazing. Many moms wonder if it “really is much harder than having 2 kids” and I will  wholeheartedly answer a resounding YES to that.  The jump from one to two kids was really difficult for me but going from two to three was much harder than I would have expected.  People joke about going from a man to man defense to a zone defense and it is a perfect analogy. Going anywhere with all three of them alone is exhausting and usually involves some tears and lots of sweat. When you are that outnumbered, everything is difficult.  The other side of this coin is that even though it is difficult, it is fun.  Having kids in general invites a lot of chaos into your life but having more than one or two kids just makes it a lot more insane. If you thrive in that chaos, as I do, then yes, 3 is the new 2.

P.S.  If you decide to go from 2 to 3 kids… become really good at asking for help :).


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