Dance When No One Is Watching

Its a popular scene. Girl is sad and moping in her room. Her favorite song comes on and slowly she starts to dance. First, its just a tap of the foot but by the time the bridge is playing, she’s dancing like she’s auditioning for Foot Loose. I’ve always watched these scenes with skepticism. Who really does that? Is one song really going to produce an about-face on a person’s crappy mood?

Well, I did it. I turned off the TV to write a blog about something serious, put my headphones on and sat down to write. But this great song that I had never heard of came on. The beat was catchy, the words were happy and it screamed get up and dance – so I did.  I closed my eyes and danced like no one was watching which wasn’t hard at two in the morning. I jumped, bobbed my head like a chicken, high fived a million no ones, and kicked my legs in the air without a care about rhythm or looks. If anyone had seen me, they would’ve thought I was having a spasm or doing some ancient calisthenics – Elaine Benson had nothing on my dance moves. But I didn’t care and man – it felt good! I’ve had my fair share of hitting the clubs and have dance parties with my kids but this was different. Dancing alone, I had the freedom to dance without worry or forethought of my next move. Adrenaline pumped through my veins, a smile crept in and somewhere after the twelfth karate kick I lost all self consciousness and happiness took over. I forgot about the tiredness of the day, the cold I’ve been fighting all week, and my normally reserved nature and started having the best time, pumping my fist all alone in the middle of my living room. So do it – get up, plug in your earphones, close your eyes and dance when no is watching. I promise, it’s every bit as fun as they show in the movies.

To help you get started, here’s the song that got me up and moving. What’s your song?


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