Charlotte’s Dohl

Dohls, or Korean first birthday celebrations, have become ridiculously ornate – at least in Northern Virginia. Why? No one knows. Even Korean ahjumahs are perplexed, wondering why young moms are losing precious sleep to overproduce an extravagant first birthday party the intended recipient will ultimately not enjoy.  But its a thing and in the microcosm of Koreans in Northern Virginia where teenagers drive BMW’s and carry Louis Vuitton purses, the trend is gaining traction. The celebrations are getting more extravagant, looking more like a wedding then a child’s birthday party. So when my baby Charlotte was nearing the one year mark, I was faced with a decision: do I conform or do I dare buck the trend and stand against the man (or in this case, the Ferragamo clad Korean man). I’m not going to lie – I buckled like a shoe. I hired a fancy event planner who planned a fancy event. On December 13, 2015, history was not made. But fun times were had, memories were created and shared and a whole lot of good looking people got together at a good looking venue to share a delicious meal. The evidence is as follows:



Dohl Table
Destiny: Musician
Photo Table


Happy Birthday my sweet baby Charlotte!

Venue: 2941 Restaurant
Event Planner: Party Eve
Photographer: Sincereli


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